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Pat offers a variety of special one-day classes throughout the year from building fairy and toad houses to seed saving and garden stepping stones. 

red winged blackbird
fairy house


Children will have opportunities to observe backyard birds.  There will be time for painting birds, playing games, and singing songs.  Everyone will make some special Valentine treats to take home to
entice back yards birds to their window.
It's midwinter and time for the groundhog to come out of his den and predict when spring will come.  Join us as we learn more about this creature that many of us have in our back yards.  We will have stories, make puppets and even act out the groundhog waking up.  As always there will be time for outside play.
We will learn what makes a mammal a mammal and find which ones are outside now.  Children will have lots of opportunities to explore both inside and outside. We will also learn what that most famous mammal Punxsutawney Phil had to say. If it is sunny we will have time to play with Shadows.
We will talk about some of our backyard  birds favorite foods and make bird pudding to take home for your birds.  Children will also get to hear bird stories and take a hike in to the woods to look for birds--and signs of birds.
Children will have time to explore Nature's Wonders classroom hear winter stories, sing songs and play games, and then go out for a Nature hike to look for the animals that share our backyard!
Nature's Wonders is offering an interdisciplinary class on TREES.
During this 3 week class, the first week children will explore the
woods and learn about the botany of trees, then we will be artists and
paint trees.  The final week we will  write poems about trees.  At the
end, children will have a book to take home where they were a
scientist, artist and finally a poet.
Butterflies are fluttering all over my garden.  We will look for eggs, see how many different kinds of butterflies we can find, and learn how you can plant a garden that will attract more butterflies.
We will see how many different animal homes we can find. We may see bluebirds, frogs, wild turkeys....
Children will be able to document what they see and become aware of different needs and different habitats.
You will learn what makes moss different from other plants, explore a mossy area and make a moss garden to take home.  I will have  containers available, but if you have something special you would like to make it in, bring it along.  Copper, wooden or glass bowls look great.
May is a perfect time t walk in the woods and view wildflowers.  We will learn how to make a field guide and encourage you and your family to make one of the flowers and plants that are out your backdoor.  Many of them you will learn are good to eat and can be added to salads, quiches or used in a dip.  Join us for one of the best times to be in the woods
We will make a garden stone out of concrete and mosaics for your garden.  you will get to mix the cement, and decorate your stone to take home for your garden.
Learn how to plant a garden for the birds, butterflies and other wildlife. Everyone will get to bring some native plants home that will encourage wildlife in your garden.
Come join us in the woods as we build fairy houses.  All the winter's snow has made it time to rebuild houses for the fairies.
What can be more fun than playing in the MUD?  When was the last time you made a mud pie and decorated it?  Wear old clothes and shoes.
What can you do with a sticks, leaves and other items from nature??
We will begin by looking at some of Andy Goldworthy's art and then go outside and make our own creations.  You may want to bring a camera to record these wonderful creations.
WILDFLOWERS IN THE WOODS This is a perfect time to walk in the woods and view wildflowers.  We will learn how to make a field guide and encourage you and your family to make one of the flowers and plants that are out your backdoor.  Many of them you will learn are good to eat and can be added to salads, quiches or used in a dip.  Join us for one of the best times to be in the woods. There will also be time to play in the woods and make earth prints to celebrate Earth Day.
CELEBRATE TREES We will celebrate Arbor Day by learning about trees, document some of our favorite ones and learn how important trees are in our lives and
even  bring e a special  plant home. 
Aesop's Fables and Printing Inspired by Antonio Frasconi's  art and books that were on display at
the at the Lamont Gallery in Exeter last month, this 4 week class will be a combination of art and literature.  Each class will begin with a retelling of one of Aesop's fables and then  a different printing technique will be taught each week.  Weather permitting, story and art
project will take place outside with nature as our inspiration.
Children will have also have time for spontaneous play in the woods
and garden.  Everyone will enjoy the art of Frasconi and become reacquainted withsome old tales.
CULINARY HERBS We will pick a variety of herbs and children will make their own
cheese spread for our snack.  every one will bring home their own herb garden.
MEDICINAL HERBS Find out which common plants will help a bee or mosquito bite, calm
your child, or can be used as a "fairy bandage."
MAKING AN HERBARIUM Children will start to make their own herbarium, a collection of
specimens and add to it as they learn more about plants or collect
plants from their own back yards.
A TEA PARTY Each child will collect leaves to make a very unique tea.  Children
will also have the opportunity to add to their herbarium, divide
perennials they want to take home and explore the many habitats of
Nature's Wonders.
HERBS FOR KIDS Nature's Wonders is Rye is offering for the first time an herb class for children and families.  In today's world  children know more corporate logos than plants in their own back yards.  What better way to get them connected to plants and the natural world than to learn and grow helpful  herbs.  In this 4 week class you and your child will learn about culinary herbs, as well as medicinal plants. Your child will begin to make a herbarium and we will end with a celebration and tea party.
Children will bring home herbs to take care of and learn simple
recipes to use herbs you can grow in your back yard.

Check the schedule for up coming classes!!